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I've Read a Business Book So you Don't have to...

Latest business best seller is “Do What you Love, Love what you do: The Empowering Secrets to turn your passion into profit” by privately educated Holly Tucker MBE, founder of loss making (£600k last year and retained losses touching nearly £26m) and loss making Holly & Co (losses up to 855k so far)

So what are you saying?

Well this is a business book, advising people how to set up a business by someone whose businesses trade at a loss. As far as I can see neither of them have made any money whatsoever.


Look, I play golf and cricket, I’m terrible at both. I know the theory behind a perfect 7 iron and a Shane Warne googly but I can’t actually do either so would Penguin (yes Penguin) commission me to write a golf or cricket book?

You’re sounding bitter..

I could blow £26 million on a business tomorrow if you let me.

They won’t

I know, I know.

Surely Penguin knows about her trading record?

Doubt it, I bet Penguin’s commissioning editor has never even heard of Companies House.

Feel better for that?

Not really

What about the book? What’s her angle?

Find your passion and turn it into a business.

What does that mean?

It aims to inspire people to drop the 9 to 5 and follow their dreams.

Who is it aimed at?

People who like pictures of kittens captioned with quotes like “when life leaves you hanging.. DON’T QUIT.”

So not at people like you?

What do you think?

Not every book has to be written with the likes of you in mind.

I know that.

Well stop being so miserable then.

Ok. I’ll put my DeBono yellow hat on.

That’s the positive upbeat one.


Not like you.

I do my best.

Give it a go then

The book guides you through some useful thoughts and ideas about how you can start a business. It covers purpose, brand and enough advice to give a sense of it being just about useful.

What about finance?

Get an accountant.

No mention of Companies House?


Anything else?

Making sure you’ve got a balance to your life. How you don’t need to have a business plan….


No, you need a PLAN.


Yes you’re giving your whole life to this business so you need a plan for your life that incorporates your business.

What about cashflows, projections, balance sheets?

Get an accountant.

Okay. Wow. So is it a good read?

It’s vague, flowery, imprecise and just out of focus enough to be unhelpful.

In your opinion.

In my opinion.

Not impressed then?

How do these books get commissioned?

(check social media)

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