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Purpose & Passion, the working class guide to fulfilling your professional potential

If you’re Working Class your potential is being stifled.

The Working Class are under-represented in all aspects of the professional world. From finance to culture, from law to medicine, your family background is a strong indicator of future success.

It’s always been that way.

I had, what on the face of it, was successful professional career. From signing on the dole at 18 to Managing Director & CEO roles, over 35 years I faced a set of invisible barriers which stopped him from fulfilling his potential.


I did not enjoy the journey and now I know why.

So what can you do about it?

“Purpose & Passion” describes the challenges a working class professional is likely to face in their career. By developing your Professional Persona and understanding your Operational style you can achieve the future you truly desire.


Step by step, “Purpose & Passion” explains how you can manifest a career that goes beyond job titles by synchronising your professional ambitions with your innermost purpose.

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