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When you're at a turning point in your career.

When you're about to start on a big new challenge.

When you know you cannot afford to fail.

When you need to get the right knowledge quickly.

When you're new into leadership or management and suddenly realise you don;t have the tools to get it right.

The Authentic Leadership Programme helps you understand who you are as a leader and gives you the tools you need to be successful


Leadership is not a suit of clothing you can put on each and every day, the way YOU lead has to be AUTHENTIC to who you are.


You might be leading a team, an organisation or even starting up in business and need to get a team working to their full capacity.


Or maybe you’ve been a successful manager and you’ve been promoted to a role with leadership responsibilities and now you’re finding it’s a whole new kettle of fish. What used to work for you as a manager now no longer does.


Authentic Leadership is about finding a leadership style which fits who you are and matches your principles with your skill set to create a way of leading people which is AUTHENTIC to you.


This is what you need to be a successful leader:

  • Understanding HOW you lead people

  • Connecting this with who you are and where you want to go

  • A suite of skills to make your leadership real

  • A Coach to help you navigate and reflect on your leadership journey


The Authentic Leadership Programme gives you all that and more.


The Authentic Leadership Programme takes you through 9x3 hour modules covering off all you need to know to be the leader you know you can be.


We start from you and develop through baseline assessments a clear understanding of the WHY OF YOU.


We then cover:

  • Decision making: Understanding how you make decisions and how to make them better

  • People: How to influence people, how to motivate, inspire

  • Teams: How to build teams

  • Getting things done: How to get the right things done to achieve your vision

  • Innovation: How to build a creative team capable of generating ideas which solve problems

  • Strategy: How to build develop and crucially change a strategy to keep on track


Too often with programmes you are left alone to get on with things. Not so with the Authentic Leadership programme. We have up to 6 coaching sessions afterwards which help you reflect on the real-life challenges you’re facing and how you are embedding what you now in real life.


This programme is based on real life experience of 35 years leadership that’s why it works.


Ask my clients!


"If you are wondering whether leadership development programmes are worth it: this one was.  Keith provided loads of substantive content and I'm getting 6 months of coaching to help make it all real."


Sarah Kyambi, Migration Policy Scotland

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