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I've read a Business Book so you don't have to

Top of the Business Book Charts at the moment is "Working Hard, Hardly Working: How to achieve more, stress less and feel fulfilled" by Grace Beverley.

What is it?

24 year old privately educated scion of multi-millionaire family gives us the benefit of a lifetime’s professional experience to help us be more productive.

Does it do that?

Well if you have never read ANY of sort of business book at all and you are one of her 1million Instagram followers then it may be worth 9.99.

What if I have read a business book or been in work for longer than five years or maybe even done a business degree?

Donate that 9.99 to charity. Try this

Who is Grace Beverley then?

An Instagram influencer with an online fashion business.

Anything good about it?

She writes well and has read the right books so there useful titbits in there but nothing you couldn't find anywhere else. On the web. For free. Grace is clearly bright and intelligent though with her having gone to Oxford you might expect something worth 9.99 to emerge. Here’s another charity.

What about diagrams and stuff?

Plenty, all taken from other sources, I hope they’re credited properly.

What got you excited then disappointed?

She starts off talking about Purpose. That’s my thing too, understand you’re purpose and you’re away, it gives you constant meaning whilst allowing you to be flexible in your mission. She has no idea what purpose is or how to uncover it.

Not that bad is it?

Yep it is.

So why is it top of the Sunday Times Best seller list?

1m Instagram followers.

If it’s that bad why did a reputable publisher take it on?

1m Instagram followers.


You obviously have no idea how publishing works.

But what about all those struggling authors out there with powerful, original things to say, with innovative ideas well expressed that could create real value for the world?

You really have no idea how publishing works.

Is 1million Instagram followers all you need?

Apparently and an ability to take glamorous selfies

You’ve got no chance then

I’m not bitter.

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