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I've listened to a Business Podcast so you don't have to...

Currently top of the business podcast charts is “Diary of a CEO”, hosted by Steven Bartlett who runs (or used to run) social media marketing agency Social Chain.

He is 27.

What’s it about?

Dunno really, he interviews celebs like Russell Kane and Rio Ferdinand and Professor Green to give some insights into who they are.

Doesn’t it do what it says on the tin?

You mean, got in at 9, had a coffee, then met with VC for a multi billion pound investment?

Sort of

None of that. The Podcasts are more like profiles of individuals.


Yeah, and everyone of them has been on a “journey”

So have I

You’re not a celeb though

Why is it called a business podcast?

I have no idea. Professor Green talks about his tough upbringing, Rio Ferdinand hasn’t had it easy either and there is advice on how not to have bad sex.

Nothing about innovation or people management?


Sounds like one of them health and well being podcasts?

Are you saying he’s jumping on the wellness bandwagon?

You tell me

He does do these short podcasts called ‘moments” which focus on things like procrastination or how to live a more present life.

Is it listenable though?

He talks well and it's well produced.

Big names?

Is Jack Maynard a big name?

What about soldiers? Business podcasts love soldiers

How about elite commando Ben Williams?

Ok so that will be all about leadership then

Yeah I suppose once you’ve worked through his back story you do get to hear about his work with the England football team. Oh and his new book.

New book?

Oh yes he has a new book.

So a plug then

You could say that.

Steven didn’t interview Grace Beverley did he?

Of course, she has her own book to plug

Worth listening to?

Not if you’re looking for business knowledge and insight though he does interview a billionaire.


Christian Angermayer. I had to spell check this as I originally wrote Angermaker.

Why did you do that?

You sign up to a business podcast and get a load of celebs telling you how tough life is

Any upsides?

It's free.

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