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How to grow professionally by being authentic

Working as a cultural professional these days can be a disheartening experience. You’re undervalued and overworked with little sense of investment in you and your work.

This can leave you feeling frustrated, depressed, maybe even angry at the injustice of it all. After all you do great work, much of the rewards are in the work you deliver and the people you affect but what about you?

How do you navigate this pressure cooker that is cultural management without exploding?

I have developed an authentic leadership programme which helps you build your capabilities and it’s all built upon your strengths.

So what are your strengths?

Can you name them?

Do you practice building them?

What do I even mean by strengths?

Strengths are those attributes which fuel your capabilities to achieve the outcomes you need.

They go beyond skills. Being a curator or knowing your way around a spreadsheet is a hard skill. A capability is being able to apply that skill in a way that changes the situation to achieve the right outcomes.

I based my Authentic Leadership Programme on developing a leadership style right for you from Positive Psychology. That describes 24 different strengths from Creativity to self-regulation, attributes which you can nurture and develop and apply with your skills knowledge and experience in a truly authentic way. This is how you develop an authentic leadership style.

You can take the test here.

My strengths are Humour, Love of learning, teamwork, creativity perseverance.

I consistently draw upon them to sustain me in my work.

So, imagine this.

If you knew what your strengths are then turned them into capabilities, then created the right context for you as a cultural professional what would you be able to achieve?

My guess is a whole lot.

This is what I do. I can help you bring all this together to give you the capabilities you need to be as successful as you want.

If you want to talk about how you can develop your own authentic leadership style, message me.

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