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Creatives have a new competitor - ROBOTS!

In the process of setting up my own business I suddenly became aware of just how much traditional creativity in design can be outsourced to automated services online. If you want a logo go to Looka, if you want a website use the automatic programme of Wix. All my branding and website production cost me about £300 and I didn’t really need a creative designer to help me get up and running. My mate Seamus did me a great job on my logo but in conversations with him it became increasingly clear that the traditional bread and butter markets for creatives are disappearing and won’t be coming back any time soon.

And it’s not just the creative side of things. So much of business support is being automated. RocketLawyer gives you all the legal documentation for nothing (as long you remember to unsubscribe).

So we’re now not just competing against people but you know ROBOTS! I for one welcome our new overlords but that won’t pay the bills so how best to respond?

1. Provide services a robot can’t

Seems bizarre to be saying this but there are advantages to being human. You can respond creatively in unexpected ways which deliver bigger and better value. Automated online responses cannot do this.

2. Razor Sharp focus on your customer

You need to up your game by anticipating needs. Give new types of value, exceed expectations, have higher standards than a bot. (Again another sentence I never thought I’d write.)

3. Become a Cyborg (I’m setting new records for sentences I thought I would never write)

Use available technologies to generate a distinctive profile but build from that base to be distinctive in what you offer. Technologies can help you be more efficient but unless you transcend them you will be operating in a overwhelmingly competitive fields

No use ignoring them, use their capabilities

4. Go nuts (another one)

Clients will have generic needs but they need to be distinctive in their market place. Help them do that by using your biggest asset CREATIVITY. Humans are not programmed (although it might feel like it at times) but robots are so their responses will be limited and predictable. Human creatives can be nuts as you like and be more effective. Could a robot ever come up with this?

For some more on this see:

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