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Working With Me

I draw upon a wide range of knowledge, tools, resources and experience to help you understand your situation and help find a solution right for you.


As a trained Coach I’m expert in Active Listening so I’m able to help you drill down into the truth of the challenges facing you.


By working together we will be able to identify the right solution for you and then see it through to completion.


In our initial conversation we will talk through the challenge you’re facing to get a clear understanding of the obstacles stopping you realise your potential.


We will agree a clear objective to be achieved and this will shape the coaching contract between ourselves.


Quite often we realise the problem we initially identify is not the root cause problem facing you. This is fine, more than fine actually, so we can shift the coaching goal in mid-stream so don’t feel worried about that. I will identify if your thinking is changing and respond accordingly.


Having understood what you want to achieve I will propose a range of approaches which will identify solutions and embed them in your professional life. This might include:

  • Executive Coaching programme of 6 sessions

  • The Why of You – a programme which helps you reveal your professional purpose

  • Authentic Leadership Programme – an in-depth programme which gives you the tools you need to be a successful leader


Once we have agreed to work together then I will ask you to complete a number of simple questionnaires which will help you understand:

  • How you interact with other people

  • Your top 5 strengths

  • Your mindset


My job then is to help you on your journey and I won’t quit until the breakthrough you need is achieved.


If you would like a conversation then book a time in here.

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