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Group Coaching

A cost effective way of growing your capabilities

What is Group Coaching?

A small cohort of professionals at a similar stage of their career come together to help each other develop new capabilities. Working with a trained coach they help each other identify and develop their goals by exploring ways in why these goals might be achieved in their specific context. They hold each other accountable for undertaking these actions in a completely confidential and supportive environment.


Why Group Coaching works

Group coaching can be a quick and cost effective way of helping you grow as a professional. Working with others, who understand your situation, can give you deeper insights into you and how you are growing as a professional. It’s important however that the groups help you grow in ways which are reflective of your particular needs and allow you to meet your own agenda.

Individual or Organisation Based

You can join as an individual or we can develop bespoke programme for your team or organisation. 


The Process

Too many group coaching programmes try to find an issue to be discussed and if that isn’t aligned to your needs then the value of group coaching is diminished.


My Group Coaching Programme focuses on creating small groups (no more than 4) which build a relationship over time. The benefits of helping and hearing from other people in different situations, getting their feedback and insight are invaluable. Developing your listening skills is a huge skill which can be applied to your day to day work.


The programme works like this:

  • Goal Setting Conversation

We have a 121 conversation where we use a variety of techniques to establish the goal of your group coaching and to paint a picture of the growth in your capabilities you would like to see.


  • Session 1

In an online meeting you have 30 minutes to share with the other participants your goal and to get some insight into how you can grow your capability. You will always come away with clear actions which you will be held accountable for.


  • Sessions 2 & 3

Each participant shares on how they have implemented their actions, what they have learned and what challenges remain.


  • Session 4 – Review

This is a chance to reflect on the journey you have just undertaken, what you have learned and what you plan to do next. If you need further support this will be identified and explored at this point.


All conversations are confidential and shared in a supportive environment. I will guide the conversations and invite participants to ask questions which they believe will be both supportive and challenging.

This could be the help you need, contact me for a chat.


"Keith coached me through repositioning my business after becoming a limited company. He helped me understand my business goals and how I can work toward them. Keith has a warm and thoughtful way. He's a great listener, encouraging and his experience in business is demonstrated. I recommend Keith to anyone who is looking for some guidance."

Jenna St John- Flowlearning

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