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I’ve led organisations for a many, many years now as you can see from my profile.


That’s why I can help you with your organisation and team.


This deep experience means I know how organisations work, particularly in the social, cultural and creative sectors.


My studies and research have consolidated this into cutting edge understanding of what it takes for a team of any size to be successful and what obstacles might begetting in your way.


Recent clients have required me to look at the following:

  • Governance

  • Strategy

  • Organisational Culture

  • Funding

  • Leadership development

  • Change


I can offer more, so if you need an experienced organisational leader able to help you  develop, pivot or change your organisation drop me a line. I know I can help.

Look what my clients have to say....

“Keith has helped me to understand what it takes to run a social enterprise successfully, how to look at business from a strategic perspective and focus on what matters.”


Gabriela Matouskova MD of Hope 4 the Community CIC


“I have found Keith to be a wonderful and responsive leadership support, helping me understand and clarify my thinking and allowing me to explore my ideas and actions for many angles and perspectives.”

Steve Slater – Director of DEDA.


“A real eye opener for me and helped develop my leadership skills in a highly competitive environment."

Donna Fox – CEO of EMCCAN

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